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Treo Wellness is the market’s first one-stop-shop for whole person wellbeing. Our SaaS platform delivers gamified engagement, on-demand experiences, and continuous learning to help members discover their healthy lifestyle. As your B2B partner, Treo integrates with your Daxko system to allow for easy member check-in, virtual achievements for visits, and more! White-label capabilities ensure your members associate the value of this platform with their trusted gym, club, or YMCA. Offering a digital extension of your facility can help your members achieve results, increasing their satisfaction and likelihood of renewal.

"TREO has helped the Green Bay YMCA bridge the gap between engagement and digital technology. Over the last 3+ years, their innovation and support of our efforts has translated into a service we are confident will help create a sustainable health coaching platform that will grow with our membership. Most impressive to me, is their willingness to work with us to create the best solution for our members. The experience has been enjoyable, educating and rewarding!"

-Eric Gorder
Branch Director

Features & Benefits

Wellness Coaching

Members have access to a certified Wellness Coach through the Treo platform included with membership

On-Demand Fitness

Members can select from hundreds of fitness classes to use with a variety of equipment

Lifestyle Gamification

Members earn points and virtual rewards for logging habits, watching educational videos, or talking with a Wellness Coach. Points unlock growth mindset badges designed to help members build sustainable habits that lay the foundation for their healthy lifestyle


Organization representatives receive quarterly engagement reports and are invited to participate in a quarterly account review meeting. Meetings will review onboarding numbers, engagement metrics, marketing and promotion materials, and more

Mental Wellbeing

Members can connect to resources that support building mental resilience. Video and audio files for better sleep, breathing exercises, meditation, sleep stories, and more are just a click away

Healthy Eating

Members have access to cook-along and kitchen skill videos to build their confidence in the kitchen as they incorporate healthy eating into their daily life

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Treo Wellness

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