Smart Health Clubs

Smart Health Clubs

All-in-One Software for Health Clubs, which replaces 6 to 10 different softwares.



Smart Health Clubs enables clubs to increase member engagement, revenue, and manage services. We are also strongly positioned to offer next gen services and integrations with the HealthCare and the Wellness industries.

Kevin McHugh, COO, The Atlantic Club says,
"Utilizing our Smart Health Clubs App, The Atlantic Club has been able to have a comprehensive reservation system involving all of our pools as well as our live and virtual classes throughout the week."

Aaron Moore, Director of Operations, VIDA Fitness says,
"Our members gravitated to the app quickly and we got feedback that it was easier to use and faster than logging into their online accounts. I think the big theme was easier, faster access right at their fingertips. It’s something they had been asking for, So we had an almost immediate engagement."

Features & Benefits

All-In-One Member Engagement platform

Provides class booking, Instructor substitution, personalized Fitness and Nutrition plans

Virtual Training

On Demand Video, Live Streaming, 2 way video conferencing, and content sharing


Monetize your club’s services and products

Integrated Member Acquisition

Reduce your club’s member acquisition costs

Premium look

Clubs get a custom branded App

Data & Permissions

Smart Health Clubs



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