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At Motus Consumer Insights, our growth is fueled by the value we bring to our customers through the products and services we deliver. Our team uses industry-leading consumer analytics, combined with our proprietary algorithms to cut through all the marketing clutter, getting your message to the right people at the place and time they are most likely to respond. We Identify your primary prospects, provide you a targeted marketing strategy, and save you time, money, and frustration with our proven hyper-targeted approach to marketing.

Features & Benefits

Our Approach

1.) We on-board your customer information and Model Your Ideal Prospects
2.) We output a Core Customer Profile for prospect targeting
3.) We analyze your Top Segment Groups and types
4.) We Locate New Prospects who match your high-value customer segments
5.) We build Personalized Marketing Campaigns for each customer segments
6.) We identify the top Channel Preferences and deploy your messages

Consumer Insights & Analytics

- Core Customer Profile
- Trade Area Analysis
- Site Selection Analysis
- Competitor Analysis

Marketing Strategies

- Addressable Geotargeting
- Programmatic Display
- Curated Audiences
- Direct Mail
- Social Media
- Paid Search
- Keyword Contextual Search
- Connected TV & OTT Advertising

Creative Services

- Creative Design
- Video Production

Data & Permissions

MOTUS Consumer Insights


MOTUS Consumer Insights


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