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Listen360 is a powerful, NPS-based customer experience platform that enables brands to attract and retain business, improve operations, and transform delighted customers into vocal advocates.

We help more than 40,000 businesses around the globe build
better customer relationships that result in increased growth and profit.

Through our integrations, Listen360 will send automated surveys to members on behalf of Daxko customers to gather feedback and generate 5-star reviews.

Feedback will be organized into a suite of reports and dashboards to allow Daxko businesses to retain members, improve operations, fine-tune marketing, and drive business growth.

“Listen360 helps us build connections with those we serve and gives us important insights to move our Y forward.” Listen360 has been a very valuable tool for our association. The instant feedback directly from our members and program participants allows us to keep a pulse on what’s going on every day across our busy association. We’re able to continually focus on our strengths, and identify areas of improvement that positively impact our reputation. The system gives us the ability to easily share information across teams and run reports to help us determine new strategies for success.”

“Listen360 is a truly valuable asset for us. We’ve been using Listen360 for some years now. It is great to let customers know that we are interested in their experience and feedback. It has also helped us see what is working or not.”

Features & Benefits

Enhanced Customer Experience

Elevate Net Promoter Score (NPS) by optimizing customer loyalty and delivering on your brand promise.

Retain Customers

Catch customer issues before they result in attrition to boost retention and profitability.

Establish a Solid Reputation

Create a 5-star digital presence with glowing testimonials and online review from your happiest customers.

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