The Premier Health and Safety Solution, CampDoc is the leading Electronic Health Record (EHR) for youth-centric organizations. Designed by doctors, nurses, and program directors, CampDoc enhances form collection, health reporting, and more!



Trusted by over 1,250 organizations across all 50 states, CampDoc is the most comprehensive solution to help ensure the health and safety of children while they are away from home. CampDoc is a HIPAA-compliant platform that provides organizations and their families peace of mind by granting authorized users instant access to critical data for day-to-day activities and during a disaster or emergency.
CampDoc makes it easy to collect and manage vital participant and staff health information through its Electronic Health Record (EHR), including allergies, medications, immunization records, and more. Authorized staff also have the ability to track medication administration, record illnesses and injuries electronically, and even prescreen for COVID-19 symptoms before participants arrive onsite.

Solution Details

The CampDoc-Daxko integration features automatic account provisioning and daily data synchronization, allowing families to access and update camper health information online, without the need to manually export data from Daxko. Instead, CampDoc helps save you time and focus more on what matters most: providing the best possible services to the families in your community.

Features & Benefits

Electronic Health Records

Health Forms. Higher quality documentation that is legible and organized, with reminder notifications will make your camp clinic more efficient and avoid mistakes.

Allergies/Medications. Allergy reports and our Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR) helps reduce errors.

Illness/Injury Health Log. Log clinic visits electronically, review statistics and analyze illnesses/injuries in real-time.

Reports. Create a report for any piece of data you collect. Print or download your reports in multiple formats.

Notes, Reviews, Tags. Many more incredible features to help keep safety in the forefront of camp operations.

Online Registration

Simple. No limit to the number of camps, sessions or programs that can be included.

Payment Plans. Give families the option to setup a payment plan to pay their balance off over time.

Reminders. Automatically send customized confirmation email receipts and balance reminder emails.

Add-Ons, Coupons, Donations and Waitlists. Process all major credit cards and electronic checks online, and provide refunds directly through the system.

Data & Permissions


Users, Profiles
Programs, Offerings, Locations
Offering Roster

No need to manually export data from Daxko and upload into CampDoc, improving efficiency and security while reducing the risk of data corruption. Enable automatic data synchronization from Daxko to CampDoc as new participants are added.

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