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Aldous and Associates focuses on debt collection & retention specifically for health clubs by combining the power of a law office with the tools of a collection agency based 100% in the USA. They work hard to maintain the good reputation of the gym through soft, customized processes and retention programs. Aldous never invoices fees back to clients and only makes money when money is collected.

“Crunch has developed a great partnership with Aldous managing our third-party
collections. Aldous has been successful collecting outstanding debt from customers
that have defaulted. They are able to explain the debt to our members in a way they
understand, receive payment, and even have them come back and resume their membership
with us. Their unique approach provides much success with our members. We touch base
frequently with innovative ideas and continue to improve our collection success. We
would recommend Aldous to anyone looking to improve their bottom line specifically
with third party debt.”

-Carolyn Divone, Sr Director of Operational/Information Systems Crunch Corporate

Features & Benefits

No additional fees to you or consumers

Aldous is paid on a contingency split, and there are absolutely no fees on top of that split for you. So if you need to settle a balance or take someone out of collections, you aren't charged for that. Aldous only earns money when money is collected, and you don't pay anything out of pocket for collections. There are also no collection fees for consumers, so the balance on your end will be exactly the balance we are trying to collect.

Driving revenue and reinstatement

In addition to the revenue Aldous generates through collections, we also are pushing your members back to the gym after they pay our office. Our clients have found that 15-20% of the people that pay our office rejoin, and up to half of the members paying their debt at the gym also reinstate.

Gentle and flexible collection policies to protect your brand

Our philosophy towards collections is that our clients are still the owner of the debt. At the end of the day, these are your members and your money, and we are just trying to help you collect on it. That’s why we have such gentle and flexible collection policies. We never tell members they can’t talk to you about the debt. We allow our clients to waive fees or even the entire debt without penalty to accommodate a member and incentivize them to rejoin. And, we can always remove a member completely from collections at your request. All of these things help create the best member experience possible to ensure we are maintaining your brand reputation and maximizing reinstatement.

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